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The VRC-200 charge reference controller allows configuring custom charge profiles using stock standard alternators featuring remote voltage sensing by altering the voltage feedback from the battery. This technology can also be integrated with a variety of charging solutions.

By tracking both battery voltage, current and temperature, the VRC-200 can implement optimal charge termination and deliver the fastest charge rates without ever overcharging batteries, or limit the current to manage the alternator load as well as extend the life of the battery.

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The VRC-200 charge reference controller is the successor of the VRC-100 manufactured between 2015 and 2018. It was specifically designed to control unmodified, stock alternators equipped with an external voltage sensing input to provide fully configurable 3-stage charge control with advanced capabilities. The controller is able to both reduce or increase the built-in regulation voltage of the alternator and implement a fast, efficient charge profile while reducing stress on the batteries.

There is no need to dismantle the alternator, remove its regulator or worry about regulator polarity issues. A wire from the controller simply connects to the voltage sensing terminal on back of the alternator.

Originally developed for charging lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4, also sometimes referred to as LFP) batteries on boards marine vessels with externally-sensed alternators, the VRC-200 controller is equally suitable for charging all types of 12V and 24V lead-acid battery banks: flooded, SLA, AGM or gel. It also brings additional functionality for integration with lithium battery management systems.

With its unique current sensing capability, it is the smartest alternator controller on the market:

  • Active Current Limiting allows keeping the charge current within the alternator continuous output capability without overheating for reliability and long service life. It also means higher sustained output at low RPM than what is experienced with traditional controllers that blindly reduce the field current.
  • Smart Charge Termination makes use of the battery current information to determine when the charge is complete. This means an optimum absorption duration every time, without any overcharging when batteries are already full.

Battery temperature compensation is available for charging lead-acid cells optimally by using an optional temperature sensor.

The controller is microprocessor-driven and was engineered to provide industrial-grade robustness and ultra-low power consumption in standby mode.

For the owners of Volvo Penta D-Series engines, it is a highly effective plug-in upgrade for improving the charging characteristics of the excellent stock 14V/115A Mitsubishi A003TR0091ZT and A003TR0093ZT alternators, or the 28V/80A Mitsubishi A003TR5093ZT in the case of 24V engines. The VRC-200 is also directly compatible with the Valeo alternators of many older Volvo MD-Series engines, such as the Valeo A13N285.

Yanmar engines fitted with the 12V/125A Valeo SG10S078 alternator (Yanmar P/N 128990-772250) can use the Balmar 30-SR12-02 aftermarket regulator to achieve compatibility with the VRC-200.

In doubt, please get in touch first to discuss your application before ordering. The VRC-200 controller is not a replacement for Balmar, Sterling, Mastervolt and other external regulators. It works with the built-in regulator of the alternator, without modifications, instead of replacing it.

The VRC-200 controller can be integrated to build cost-effective very high performance and high reliability charging solutions using many of the high-output alternators such as the Delco SI-Series featuring Remote Sense, Leece-Neville IdlePro, Balmar 6-Series, Bosch LHX and the high-efficiency Eco-Tech models. Many Japanese automotive alternators also feature a “S” terminal for battery voltage sensing and can be directly compatible as a result.

Current Product Documentation

Download Product Manual (Hardware Rev 6+)
Download Installation Drawings (Hardware Rev 6+)

Legacy Documentation

Product Manual for 2019-2020 model (Hardware Rev 5)
Product Manual for 2019 model (Hardware Rev 4, this model has terminal #1 at the bottom)

Download Installation Drawings for 2019-2020 controllers (Hardware Rev 4 and 5)

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