ND-ULTRA Twin Transducer Ultrasonic Antifouling System



A powerful and very high quality twin-transducer ultrasonic antifouling system for marine vessels from 35′ to 50′ approximately.

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This is the ultrasonic antifouling system I developed and documented in these articles:

Ultrasonic Antifouling System: Part 1, Development & Construction

Ultrasonic Antifouling System: Part 2, Fighting Algae Growth

Please note that it is not always available, because it is quite time-consuming to build and I don’t always have transducers in stock. I sometimes manufacture small batches of them and I have listed it here because a number of people have asked about purchasing it by e-mail. I have shipped them to New Zealand, Australia, Europe and North America.

So far, this system has proven to be superior to many high-priced commercial offerings. Some experiments are still in progress on test case vessels and I may still improve it if an opportunity arises.

Product Manual (Rev 1) (systems sold from October 2019 with coaxial transducer cable)

Product Manual (Rev 0) (systems sold before October 2019 with twin-core transducer cable)

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Dimensions 28 × 28 × 15 cm