Loading, Transportation and Launching

Nordkyn Completion 97 - Lifting

The new yacht is lifted with the expert assistance of two work colleagues who were kind enough to also bring the lifting gear.

Nordkyn Completion 98 - On trailer (2)

A trailer is wheeled underneath.

Nordkyn Completion 99 - Exiting the gate

The boat leaves the yard with its new antifouling. Yes, the unusual staying arrangement was extremely effective and stable: supported by physics, not physically supported.

Nordkyn Completion 100 - On Foreshore Rd

A tow over a few hundred metres closes the distance to the water.

Nordkyn Completion 101 - Waiting near the boat ramp

The spring tide is one of the largest of the year: ready to head down the ramp, with a sling tied to the tow bar and a 10-tonne truck to control the descent.

Nordkyn Completion 101A - Just launched

The light hull floats high as expected. No rig or ground tackle or much else on board. The boat was designed in loaded condition for ocean cruising.

Nordkyn Completion 101B - Off to tie up

A local fisherman kindly arranged a small boat for a tow to a berth nearby and members of the local yacht club came to stand by. The engine was started a couple of weeks later, once the electrical hook-up was complete.


Nordkyn Completion 101A - Gooseneck & winches

Back in the shed, the rig was assembled and halyards run.

Nordkyn Completion 101B - Lower spreaders attachment

The standing rigging was built and attached to the mast. Swageless fittings were used throughout.

Nordkyn Completion 102 - Mast across 2 trailers - 1

No such thing available as a trailer long enough for a 20-metre rig, but what about two trailers then? Corners were just taken slightly wider than usual.

Nordkyn Completion 104 - Mackraft HIAB at fuel dock

Low tide, a high dock and a hydraulic truck crane provided acceptable clearance to swing the rig above the deck…

Nordkyn Completion 103 - Mast lift

… with the mast attached just above the balancing point.

Nordkyn Completion 105 - Up from foredeck

Two days’ work were enough to set the rake, camber and terminate all the shrouds on deck. In the meanwhile, the Spectra halyards and deck collar easily held the spar in place. A good weather window is recommended.

Nordkyn Completion 106 - Mainsail from clew

And finally… the new mainsail goes up for the first time at the dock.

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