Terms of Use


Nordkyn Design is a marine design and engineering site with a strong interest in offshore voyaging, seaworthiness and the dynamics of small crafts at sea.

Besides providing a platform for a number of designs and projects, the aim of the site is offering very high quality original content based on experience. Experience at sea is the foundation of everything when it comes to design or discussions revolving around seaworthiness and seamanship.

Other than the odd media photograph borrowed to illustrate a post or page, all photographs, graphics, schematics were produced by the author, or specifically provided by individual contributors where stated. Developing such material takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

References or quotations shall follow the fair use policy of the site:

Quoting excerpts of articles or postings is acceptable and permitted provided it can be deemed reasonable use. It must link back to the source, may not include photographs, graphics, animations or material other than a limited amount of text, unless explicitly permitted in writing.

Site Structure

Static pages and content is used for large projects with significant amounts of material associated with them. Such projects normally have at least one page open for general discussions, but specific pages such as marine construction are normally open for directly related queries, comments and discussions.

Posts are used to treat specific topics. Categorised topics are a great way of accessing content. They are also used to provide visibility to smaller projects, or highlight work on the drawing board at times.

Comments, discussions and contributions

As already stated, experience at sea is the foundation of everything here. Experience should be understood in terms of diversity and extent. After a few years and a few voyages in the same area, opportunities to actually gain further experience become very limited.

  1. Interest, comments and suggestions are welcome. The guiding principles are quality and adding value. Opinions without justifications are not of great value; explain your point and back it up with experience, or ask a question.
  2. Read discussions before jumping in. The point might have been treated by others already and repeating it only creates clutter.
  3. Use comments for matters of general interest. Comments that bear no relation with the subject of the post, are redundant or abusive may be deleted.
  4. Please avoid posting private or strictly personal inquiries as comments. It creates clutter of no particular interest to anyone else. Please e-mail directly using the contact link provided instead.
  5. This site is not a public advertising platform. The policy with web links is tight.
  6. There is an expectation of courtesy and compliance with these terms. Clutter and out-of-place postings may be removed from time to time.

Guest Authors

There are no de-facto restrictions on contributions from guest authors. If you are a subject matter expert with considerable experience in a field of relevance on this site – I have met and worked with a few over the years – and you wish to write a post, please make contact via e-mail.

Content must fit with the core values of the site without creating conflicts of interest. This assessment is discretionary.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is total and indefinite in time. No contact or any other private details or communications will ever be released to any other parties to the extent permitted by law.

All electronic communications are private and must have been prompted by the recipient. Occasionally, a specific distribution list may be set up to facilitate exchanges with a group of people sharing a common intent. Recipient must opt-in explicitly and may opt-out at any time by e-mail reply. Such distribution lists are set up so individual addresses are not shared.